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Connect-eat | The way it works

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Once you choose your wishes

Select one, two or three thingsyou would like to find in the restaurant menu.

Then click on thesubmit button

restaurant connect-eat demo

Look into the list and find the one you want to enjoy

Every important details set available by the business manager is displayed on the quick look.

  • Food or Advantages
  • Location
  • Phone number
  • Online reservation
  • Menu

Need more details ? Then click on the page button

One quick view on the the essentials

restaurant connect-eat introduction page
  • The base line
  • Until 5 different menus
  • Is this on your budget ?
  • The opening hours
  • The reservation widget

And even more details !

  • The whole food type available in the restaurant

  • What kind of mood ? Check it before you go

  • Need cellular or any other advantage ? You will know

  • Visa, Nature, Troc ? Check all the available way to pay the bill

  • What does the press say about this place ? This is also available

  • A quick view to the Facebook or twitter, still on the same page

Connect with an account and enjoy more options

Can't make a choice ? Not a problem, with your Connect-Eat account you can create a Wish-list and come back later to book a table

Even better, you can make yourself a note to remember "why" you added all theses restaurant to the Wish-List

  • Add to your Wish-list
  • Add a note

In love ? Get Connect-Eat now

Stay tuned !